Money Matters

Do you need to request a deposit of funds?

Regardless of source, all monies coming in to the PTA must be tracked and deposited into a PTA bank account.  Click here for the deposit form and here for the procedure.  The deposit form MUST ACCOMPANY EACH AND EVERY DEPOSIT.

Do you need a cash box for an event, a check in advance of an event, a bill to be paid, or a reimbursement of a PTA expense that you paid for?

Like deposits, all monies being paid out of a Norwood PTA account must be requested by completing a Request for Funds (sometimes known as a Check Request Form).

The form can be found here.  If possible, please submit all requests for funds one week prior to the date the funds are needed.

Do you need the tax exempt certificate for a PTA-related purchase?

Most purchases should be made using the tax exempt certificate, but if your purchase is for a large amount it will help us to keep our expense low by purchasing the item without tax.  The tax exempt form can be requested from the Treasurer here.

Norwood School PTA has a returned check policy.  

Please note that any returned checks are subject to a $15 returned check fee.

For more information on money matters please contact the PTA Treasurer.