$20.00 per ticket







Display My Art- Order Forms heading home

I know you are excited to see the Display my art designs created by your child.  A brochure with a free magnet will be sent home Friday with each student who submitted a drawing.

If you did not get your drawing in on time and you would like to participate, please go to Display My Art Drawing Template for the drawing template. Have your child create a masterpiece!  These make great Christmas gifts for the grandparents!

To order, you will need to submit the drawing, the completed order form, and a check for payment in full made payable to Norwood PTA.  Please note that all checks are subject to a $15.00 service fee.


Fall Fundraiser Extended

**Updated 10/26/15– We are currently at $3005.00- every little bit helps and there is still time to donate!   ***

Fall Fundraiser
 GoalExtended through October 28, 2015

Fundraiser goal is $10,000, we are currently at $2300
Norwood PTA funds the following:
•Family Events such as Fall Science Night, Movie Night, Literacy Night, Math Fun Night, etc.
• Field Day
• Subsidizes 6th Grade Programs
• Reflections- a program that supports the Arts in education
• Reading week
• Spring Walkathon
• Book Sale
• Insurance for school events
• Cultural Arts- Assemblies in the school
• Works to help Norwood meet its School Improvement Goals
• Subsidizes Classroom Supplies

We need your help to meet the fundraising goal and continue funding important programs.

Please donate what you can, every dollar helps and benefits the students of Norwood School!

OCTOBER 30, 2015: 6:00 pm during Fall Science Night
Norwood All Purpose Room-

All winners for most pledges will be announced and drawing for all participants
1st Prize is a $100 gift card to Toys R Us or iTunes
2nd Prize is a $75.00 gift card to Toys R Us or iTunes
3rd Prize is a $50.00 gift card to Toys R Us or iTunes

All participants will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win one of 3 $25.00 gift cards.


Display My Art

DMA families invited Join us in our newest Fundraiser – Display My Art. It’s a fun and fabulous way to make a lasting memento of your child’s artwork. All art is due back to the school by October 23 – no exceptions!


If you have other children at home- they are welcome to participate as well. Instructions & Additional paper templates


2015 Fall Fundraiser

Giving Tuesday– Join us in the challenge of donating $5.00 to the Norwood School PTA to support school assemblies, agendas, weekly readers, folders, reading week, family events, teacher and staff appreciation and field day. Every little bit helps! Give what you can!

This year the Norwood School PTA Fundraising Committee is trying something a little different.  

No selling items to your family, friends and coworkers!!!

The benefits of the direct donation pledge drive is that the Norwood School PTA receives 100% of the money raised and those who donate receive a tax deduction.  

There are two options for the Pledge Drive; One-time pledge or a monthly pledge.

Look how much money we could earn with monthly pledges!

# of Students Dollar Pledge Per month Months Earnings Potential
263 $  1.00 10 $  2,630.00
263 $  2.00 10 $  5,260.00
263 $  5.00 10 $  13,150.00
263 $  10.00 10 $  26,300.00
263 $  15.00 10 $  39,450.00
263 $  18.00 10 $  47,340.00
263 $  20.00 10 $  52,600.00
263 $  25.00 10 $  65,750.00
263 $  50.00 10 $  131,500.00
  • Less Pressure –No pressuring your family, friends and coworkers.  No special trip to pick up items from school or to distribute sold items.
  • Tax BenefitsAll donations are tax-deductible.
  • Company Match for Charitable Contributions – Ask your employer if they have a matching gift program.  If they do, request a matching gift form, fill it out, and send it in.   Then just let us know when to expect the matching gift from your company.

How do I Pledge?

  1. When:   October 1st and October 16th, but of course, we will accept donations anytime of the year.
  2. Amount:  We suggest the $5.00 per month pledge or a one-time pledge of $50.00. This amount would match our goals with the traditional fundraisers of the past!of magazines, wrapping paper, candy and other merchandise. However, we will gladly accept any donation.
  3. Credit Card Donations: First fill out the form below and hit submit. You’ll then need to return and use the Paypal buttons below to submit payment – you have the option of signing up for a monthly pledge or making a one-time donation.
  4. Cash or Check Donations: Fill out the form below and then send in your cash or check donation in an envelope marked “PTA PLEDGE DRIVE.” Please make checks payable to Norwood School PTA.    You can also print the form below and send it in with your donation. * Norwood PTA reserves the right to assess a $15.00 fee for any returned checks*. 

Donations can be made by anyone so please feel free to ask your parents and friends to support Norwood School PTA!


Monthly Pledge
Option 1 : $2.50 USD – monthly
Option 2 : $5.00 USD – monthly
Option 3 : $6.00 USD – monthly
Option 4 : $7.00 USD – monthly
Option 5 : $8.00 USD – monthly
Option 6 : $9.00 USD – monthly
Option 7 : $10.00 USD – monthly
Option 8 : $15.00 USD – monthly
Option 9 : $18.00 USD – monthly
Option 10 : $20.00 USD – monthly


One-Time Donation


Thank you for your support!

11/16/2014: Target-Take Charge of Education

Did you know that you can help Norwood by shopping at Target? To learn more about the program or to designate our school visit, then use your REDcard whenever you shop. When you use your REDcard® (Target Credit Card®, Target Debit Card® or Target® Visa® Credit Card), Target® will donate up to 1% of your purchases to the eligible K–12 school of your choice.* Learn more at or stop in a Target store to apply.

Grandparents, friends and neighbors are all welcome to participate in the program. The more people we involve, the harder the program works for our school. If you’re already participating, thank you! Check out our school’s progress anytime at

Support Norwood School:  School ID 92160

Support Norwood School: School ID 92160